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As a developer, I'll always do what I can to share my knowledge with the community. On this site, you'll find tutorials, articles, and other resources to help you learn web development. Hopefully shortcutting some of the learning curve that I had to go through.

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ShouldBeUnique and WithoutOverlapping provide similar, but not identical functionality in debouncing Laravel queued jobs. What are the differences, and when should you use them?

How to fix the common issue where your branch cannot be rebased to due conflicts

You Can Throw Anything In JavaScript

Updated, 18th December, 2023

TIL that you can throw any value in JavaScript. This may not be a good idea... but it's good to know you can.

A quick tip on how Laravel allows you to merge classes inherent on a component with classes passed from the parent

The where method in Laravel's routing system is a useful tool in constraining URL matching. Here's a rundown of how you use it.

Create An AlpineJs Back-To-Top Button

Updated, 11th November, 2023

How to create a simple "back-to-top" button using AlpineJs and blade

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